10 Steps to Develop a Growth Strategy with HubSpot

The persona definition stage is essential for creating a brand book because it helps to decide other aspects of the brand’s visual identity and communication to generate identification among its target audience. Also read : What is Persona in Digital Marketing? Learn How to Create Yours 3. Visual guidelines The brand’s visual 10 Steps to Develop a Growth Strategy with HubSpot guidelines concern the distinctive elements that will make it recognizable to the public. Define what the logo and/or logo will be, how, where and in what dimensions they will be us (in print, digital, internal and external materials). It’s also important to think about the brand’s color palette .

What is Persona in Digital Marketing?

We recommend that you choose lighter or darker shades of the logo or logo colors to use in backgrounds, images and other design elements. You can also establish one or more fonts that will be us in texts creat for print and digital materials. 4. Voice and Hong Kong Phone Number Data tone of voice A brand’s voice represents what it is and the tone of voice is how it conveys its personality to people. For coherent and authentic verbal and textual communication , it is important that voice and tone of voice are align with your company’s values, principles and objectives.

Voice and tone

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In this way, a brand that values ​​informality can use a humorous tone of voice in its communication strategy , using memes and Malaysia WhatsApp Number List emojis in posts on social mia (as Netflix and Spotify do). To make it easier to create a voice and tone of voice, think of adjectives that you would like to be us to describe your brand (efficient, casual, practical, creative, etc.) and apply them to your communication strategy.

Find out more : Brand Tone of Voice: What Is It and How to Create It? 4 examples of brand books from famous brands 4 examples of brand books from famous brands Let’s see how some of the most famous brands in the world. Although, put into practice the elements we list and detail in the previous topic to generate unique and exclusive personalities that make them stand out from the competition in the race for more customers and more sales? Although, characteristics of brand manuals from 4 world-renown companies.


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