3 essential tools to have a quality podcast

A Friendly Mother To help promote its line of products for newborns, Philips Avent launch a podcast that follows 33 pregnant women, at different stages of pregnancy, who share their discoveries and experiences during each week of 3 essential tools to have a quality podcast pregnancy. BONUS: + 4 Podcasts for You to Find Out About Marketing, Management and Finance When you have a business (or are thinking about opening one), you ne to know and study various topics that can impact and bring better results to the company’s numbers. That’s why we’ve brought you an extra list of 4 podcasts that will teach you a lot about the business world.

Management and Finance

Primocast This is the official podcast of Primo Rico, which is one of the biggest investment, finance and entrepreneurship channels on YouTube. In its episodes, you will hear interviews with marketing and sales experts , leadership tips, investment Chinese Overseas Asia Number Data opportunities on the stock market, among other topics. 2. The Partners In Os Sócios, the couple Bruno Perini and Malu Perini bring you, every Thursday, an episode with guests who will debate topics relat to the universe of entrepreneurship , money and personal development. 3. Management Talk Tallis Gomes, founding partner of G4 ucação and CEO of Singu, runs this podcast that covers topics such as management, leadership and innovation .

Top This podcast present

Chinese Overseas Asia Number Data

The focus of the episodes is on training better leaders who bring more results to companies by improving the characteristics relevant to leadership. Although, Zero to Top This podcast presents you with the stories of men and women who manage Italy WhatsApp Number List the biggest companies in Brazil and the world. In each of its episodes, the podcast reveals the challenges fac in decisive moments in businesses that have reach the top of their fields. Although, platforms to promote your podcast 3 platforms to promote your podcast After planning and recording your podcast episodes, you ne to make them available to your audience on the internet.


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