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Comparison between search terms You can also choose other terms to compare search volume to the initial search you made on Google Trends. In the example, we can 3 Off Page SEO tools for you to use see that the volume of searches for digital marketing was significantly higher than queries for traditional marketing on Google in the period between December 26, 2021 and December 17, 2022. 3 3. Interest by subregion This section of the tool is interesting because it allows you to know in which sub-region or city the term you search for was most popular in the period consult.

Searches of the year

The value 100 reveals the place where the search for the subject was carri out most times in relation to a fraction of the searches carri out in that region. As we can see, the digital marketing topic generat the most interest in Roraima and São Paulo in Taiwan Telegram Number Data the select time frame. 4 4. Relat topics and searches This data field helps you understand what other topics were search for and searches made by users containing the initial term (in our example, digital marketing). You can choose between 2 categories : “Top” (which also uses a score of 100 to indicate the most popular topic or relat search) or “On the Rise” (which reveals the biggest increase in the frequency of a search).

Paulo in the select time frame

Taiwan Telegram Number Data

Digital Marketing Courses What were the main searches made by Brazilians on Google in 2021? Now that you know what Google Trends is and what it is for, let’s find out what was trending in 2022 among Brazilian users in the Google search bar? See the search champions in Brazil in 5 Google Trends categories.

Searches of the year The Top 5 of what was most search on the research site in 2022 shows the great interest of Brazilians in the elections, in addition Thailand Phone Number List to many searches for the World Cup held in Qatar and the Brazilian football championship, in addition to a high volume of queries about the reality show Big Brother Brasil 22 and about the winning candidate of the presidential elections, Lula.


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