3 platforms to promote your podcast

Once host, your podcast’s RSS fe can be distribut to the streaming platform (Google Podcasts, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and others.) where the audience can listen to it. 5 examples of company podcasts for you to listen to 5 examples of company 3 platforms to promote your podcast podcasts for you to listen to Let’s get to know some podcasts from brands and companies that are already creating audio content to generate engagement among the audience and more visibility for their products and services on the internet? Check out our 5 podcast tips for you to listen to and get references to create one for your business.

The podcast episodes

PEPcast Develop by PepsiCo Brasil, PEPcast takes advantage of the various aspects of the beverage and food multinational’s activities to address a large number of topics. The podcast episodes are releas every 15 days and, in around half Chinese Overseas America Number Data an hour, feature interviews about the market, career and future with professionals and personalities, in addition to giving a voice to employees. 2. Weekly Semanada is the name of Nubank’s podcast (also call an audio newsletter) and, every week, it features an episode relat to personal finances, aiming to explain in a simple and didactic way how to better deal with our money.

Weekly Semanada

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The podcast’s topics range from tips for saving money to the global economy and its impact on our daily lives. 3. Heineken Green Cast This podcast is a beautiful example of how a company can talk about other topics, not necessarily link to what it produces, and still generate identification and connection between the brand and the public. Produc by India WhatsApp Number List the Heineken brewery, Green Cast talks about music and talks to the creators of the main festivals about the behind-the-scenes of the musical world. 4. Investcast Itaú Unibanco The Itaú Unibanco podcast generates content to keep its investors well-inform and, to this end, covers a wide variety of topics with an impact on the economy , ranging from climate change that the planet has suffer to initial tips for those who want to start investing in the stock market.


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