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In this article, the Tupiniquim Inbound Marketing Agency explains in detail what these complex sales are and how to structure them through a commercial process that leads, qualifies and converts the B2B lead into a customer for your business using attraction marketing strategies . Good reading! What you will read about Complex Sales: free google ads ebook tupiniquim agency banner woman What are complex sales? What is the difference 3 tools to create successful videos on social media between simple sales and complex sales? 4 steps to structure a complex sales process How does inbound marketing help convert complex sales?

Use inbound marketing to convert complex sales and B2B customers! Frequently Ask Questions What are complex sales? A sale can be consider complex when it requires detail and long-term processes, technical analyzes and methods for its completion.

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This complexity affects both the party that is marketing the product or service and the party that is considering purchasing the solution. In general, complex sales have a higher add value and, consequently, a higher investment Switzerland Phone Number Data cost (not only in financial terms, but also in time). Therefore, complex sales require greater planning from everyone involv in the negotiation, to ruce the risks relat to the necessary investment. This type of more complex commerce happens more frequently in the B2B (that is, business-to-business ) business model.

This helps to explain one of the factors that make a sale complex, since a commercial transaction between B2B companies has a relevant number of decision makers, which is reflect in the time taken to consider, evaluate and conclude the purchase transaction.

Marketing the product

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Despite this, complex sales can bring great returns to the company that sells the product or service because they have a higher average ticket compar to simple sales, which do not require great technical analysis on the part of buyers and New Zealand Phone Number List do not involve high-end products and services. values. Examples of complex sales include technological solutions , such as offering software to be install on all computers in one or more departments of a company. In this case, in addition to the investment cost, there is also the time to implement the solution, user training, among other steps that must be analyz in depth to avoid or ruce risks relat to the financial, human and time resources appli to the purchase.


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