4 most famous chatbots and virtual assistants today

We question ChatGPT itself about the cons of using it, and the application’s response includ questions that could harm the quality and reputation of a blog post or social network, such as incorrect or imprecise answers , in addition to the robot’s limit knowlge of events that occurr. after 2021. 3. Lack of originality Despite generating texts 4 most famous chatbots and virtual assistants today that are not just copi and past from other pages, it is not possible to guarantee that a text creat by ChatGPT will be unique or exclusive .

The platform can create text on a certain topic that will be extremely similar (or even the same) to other people who ask the same question as you (resulting in content that can be consider by Google as duplicate and generating penalties for those who use it in blogs, for example).

Despite generating

Most famous chatbots and virtual assistants today 4 most famous chatbots and virtual assistants today In search of optimizing customer service and the public’s experience , large companies have invest in the development of robots that function as attendants and even as influencers for their brands. See 4 chatbots and virtual assistants Canada Telegram Number Data that have already become famous among the public: 1. Lu Poster girl for Magazine Luiza, Lu became the most famous chatbot in Brazil thanks to her humaniz image and charisma, being responsible, among other functions, for participating in the retailer’s advertisements and announcing offers and promotions.

Siri This artificial intelligence

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To give you an idea of ​​the relevance of the virtual assistant, Lu already has more than 31 million followers on social networks. 2. Siri This artificial intelligence develop by Apple was one of the first virtual assistants to gain fame among smartphone users.

Using voice commands, it is possible to talk to Siri and ask her to perform functions such as, for example, searching in search engines and Malaysia WhatsApp Number List answering questions on various topics. 3. Alexa Amazon also has a well-known virtual assistant. Going by the name Alexa, this artificial intelligence has become very popular because it can be integrat with other systems, such as lighting networks in domestic and professional environments .


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