Metaverse, Web3, Blockchain… The accelerated development of technology is leaving new terms within the digital environment. In the Digital Talks by t2ó podcast they are used to addressing these trends through the vision of experts in the sector. In the new installment of the program, the characteristics and utilities of Blockchain technology are analyzed, as well as the social and economic changes that its evolution will have. On this occasion, the guest on the program was Montse Guardia, Co-founder & CEO of Big Onion. In addition, Montse is president of the Quantum Blockchain Alliance, member of the Advisory Council of the Artificial Intelligence Ethics Observatory of Catalonia, Co-founder of the ELLIS Alicante Foundation, member of WeRock Capital and president of the Social Council of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. Without a doubt, an ideal voice to shed light on this topic.

What role does this technology play within Web3

With the leap of Web 2.0. A greater process of sophistication has been achieved with Web3. «It’s like when we go shopping at a shopping center. In the shopping center we have several stores, we have some cinemas, we have places for children to play… There is entertainment. If we look at a shopping center, we have seen that not only is our store there, but that we are sharing the space with other stores with their entrance and exit doors in the same place. Web3 will allow us this. It will allow us to be in the same digital place, in the same digital space, but at the same time choosing where we are going to shop or where we are going to entertain ourselves or what we are going to do there,” explains the expert .

What impact can this technology generate from an advertising point of view

Montse reflects that the great impact that this technology will bring lies in the change, highlighting that they have had a commitment for 22 years: “Believing that we have to relate to our buying and selling in another way.” Thus, he referred to the importance of knowing well what one is buying and being transparent with the consumer: “What I am buying, I want to know where it comes from and I want to be sure that there is traceability, that I am really buying something.” that it does not have a negative impact on the planet, that I am committing to make that value exchange, because whoever is selling me something is transparent to me, they tell me who they are and what they are like and what values ​​they have. And I am aligned with that brand. Furthermore, the expert adds that this technology can also be very useful at the advertising level due to brand values. «In the current context, we are being global buyers thanks to digital channels, not just local ones, because that good and healthy competition of differentiating between brands, how they tell me what the difference is, is going to come very hand in hand with how How reliable is your brand. It’s not just reputation, but how you verify with evidence that the reputation you have for doing things well or for being close to the things that I like, is true and real. “

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