7 advantages of having your own WordPress website

It is essential for a business to be present on the internet nowadays, but it is also essential that its “home” on the web offers a welcoming and pleasant experience to visitors. Tupiniquim strongly recommends that your brand’s website 7 advantages of having your own WordPress website be develop using WordPress , which is a content management system widely us around the world by large companies and organizations (such as Disney, Toyota and NASA).

Furthermore, WordPress offers a variety of themes and plugins to optimize the functioning of pages host on the platform. Because it is open source and constantly improv through the contributions of developers and users, WordPress offers visitors a process of continuous improvement in the usability and navigation of their websites.

Tupiniquim strongly

See and apply the 7 tips below to make your WordPress website even more friendly to users who access your business’s website via mobile devices. 1. Pay attention to the topic WordPress offers a variety of themes for your website layout . Recently launch themes already meet the requirement of being friendly to mobile devices, while sites that Russia Phone Number Data have been using an older theme for a long time require greater attention in relation to responsiveness updates. 2. Beware of Plugins You also have a large library of plugins to optimize the functionality of WordPress websites.

Beware of Plugin

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Again, pay attention to the features offer by the install plugins and see for yourself how the add front end elements , for example: Call To Action (CTA) buttons , are display on mobile device screens. 3. Think Touch Screens Great innovations Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List experienc by cell phone and tablet users in recent years, touch screens are an additional element for the success of a website’s responsiveness to mobile devices. A page responsive to touch screens prevents users from becoming frustrat with buttons and menus that are too small or poorly position, which makes it difficult to interact with the site.


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