7 rich material ideas for you to attract more leads

Infographic Infographics can be creat in the form of illustrations, graphs or, as is more common, a combination of these 2 elements. This type of material is rich because it helps ucate leads about a certain topic in a summariz, more dynamic and visual way . For a clear example of this, see a post from Agência Tupiniquim about BANT Sales in which we present the content with an infographic that illustrates and summarizes the topic cover.

Catalog Creating a digital

White Paper You must be wondering what the difference is between a white paper and an e-book , right? Well, e-books, in general, present their content in a more dynamic way and with a focus on reader engagement and entertainment. A white paper (also known as a whitepaper) is generally written in more formal and technical language and in more depth on a topic. Therefore, this type of material ends up being longer and denser than an e-book. 4. Catalog Creating a digital catalog containing all your products or services is a good idea for a more direct and commercial approach to prospects.

However, for the material to be consider rich and useful by leads, don’t forget to point out how these solutions offer by your company can Korea Telegram Number Data help solve a problem or satisfy a ne in their daily lives. A catalog can also help you increase sales because it unifies all the possibilities that your business offers in a single material and makes it easier for potential customers to consider and make decisions about products or services.

Newsletter Unlike the more

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Direct and commercial approach of email marketing, the content creat for a newsletter is German Phone Number List rich because it aims to discuss and debate topics relat to an interest or group of interests of subscribers , in addition to fulfilling the objective of obtaining data from leads when they sign up on a form to receive newsletters.


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