7 Tips for Having a Mobile-Responsive Website

The advancement of technology has given rise to portable devices with different screen sizes and new features. Currently, smartphones, tablets and notebooks are the most us to access websites and social networks. To give you an idea of ​​the 7 Tips for Having a Mobile-Responsive Website popularity of these mobile devices: a study carri out by Fundação Getulio Vargas found that the number of cell phones exces the number of inhabitants in Brazil. There are more than 242 million cell phones in the hands of more than 214 million Brazilians. When tablets and notebooks are add to the account, this number jumps to 352 million mobile devices.

Having a Mobile-Responsive

This is reason enough for your company to worry about having a website that is responsive and friendly to mobile devices, especially cell phones. Your business has to be where as many people as possible are, that is, not just on the internet, but also Qatar Phone Number Data on the devices that potential consumers use to access the web. Believe me: if a potential customer accesses your website on a mobile device and comes across a layout that does not resize properly on their device’s screen (creating poor navigability), your website will be abandon in a matter of seconds , no no matter how good the content, visual identity and, most importantly, the offers it presents.

Google algorithm

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Furthermore, the Google algorithm, the most us search engine in the world, gives more emphasis to sites and pages that are friendly to mobile devices when generating the ranking of results display to answer users’ questions. In other words, having a website responsive to mobile devices ensures receiving more traffic, a good browsing experience France WhatsApp Number List for visitors, more visibility on Google and, consequently, increases the chances of converting customers and closing sales of the company’s products or services. your company. Find out more : How to Create a Website? 5 Tips for Getting Start 7 tips for having a mobile-friendly website 7 tips for having a mobile-friendly website As you have read so far, it is not enough for a company to have a website, it must have a website.


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