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To insert a company in this scenario, it is necessary to understand what diversity means and what it represents within the market in which your company operates. So, exercise curiosity about people’s different origins and experiences . Read articles and studies on the subject and seek interaction and contact with potential customers Learn how to make a podcast and generate useful from different contexts to increase people’s identification with your business. 2. Sustainability The home of all of us, also known as planet Earth , has suffer from our actions (and also our lack thereof). Currently, the topic of sustainability is no longer the exclusive preserve of activists and groups link to environmental causes.

Read articles and studies

Proof of this is that, according to research, 87% of respondents in Brazil prefer to buy from sustainable companies and 70% of them don’t mind paying more to consume from brands that adopt sustainable practices from production to Betting Number Data delivery of products and services in their stores. houses. Sustainable companies  with finding alternatives for their products and services, so that they do not harm nature. This includes using production and manufacturing methods that are eco-friendly. Currently, these attitudes are seen not only as a differentiator, but as a duty of companies , which, above all, generate environmental awareness and a positive impact on society.

Privacy The digital mium

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Large companies such as Cemig (Companhia Energética de Minas Gerais), Natura, Banco do Brasil, among others, are already Brazil WhatsApp Number List prominent in sustainability . In 2023, more than ever, we must seek to follow these examples (and not just for commercial purposes). 3. Privacy The digital mium is incrible, but at the same time, it is increasingly a source of anxiety and concern for users and governments who fear the lack of data protection and privacy of their citizens for commercial purposes on the web.

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