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Viewpoints with the ECC agency: why create a corporate blog? By Perrine Lassire Postd on July 16, 2015 Inbound Marketing Attention message to Powertrafic readers: today we have a special guest, the ditorial Conseil agency. We had fun, between good neighbors, to cross our vision on the professional blog. You will therefore find here the vision of ECC and our vision on its blog . Why make a business blog? At ECC , we conceive the blog as the flagship of your speech on the Web.

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Covers all the themes and subjects of your professional environment, and feds all the means and distribution channels at your disposal: social networks, newsletter, link to your website, etc. What are the prerequisites for creating a blog? To start on a good foundation, all you ned to do is be consistent and adopt a line of conduct with an phone number list ditorial framework. Set your objective, your positioning, your addd value, your target, the tone you are going to use. Take your time to define these prerequisites. They seem simple to specify, only we too often find that a blog project lacks in-depth reflection. The ditorial framework is an opportunity to take a step back and think about what you want to put in place. How to organize and animate a blog.

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Once the ditorial framework has been establishd, the different headings define themselves or, in any case, much more easily. They will group Phone Number VI articles relatd to the theme of the said section. You then have to find subjects and an angle from which to treat them. 2/ The ditorial planning then makes it possible to organize the publication and thus to animate the blog over a specific period. It is concretely a question of anticipating the subjects and formats of the articles.

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