Align the sales pipeline with the customer journey

Negotiation It is more than likely that your sales process will follow a flow that will face different obstacles, such as questions and concerns that your leads may have about the product or service. This is where these objections come in and Align the sales pipeline with the customer journey how to understand the best ways to get around them. Your sales team must be prepar to actively listen to the customer and overcome possible objections, which tend to be: lack of trust in the company; financial issues and price negotiation; not having time to apply or use the product/service; not knowing if it really works and its applicability.


It is important to reinforce that your sales team must really know how to listen to your customer, communicate clearly and objectively, in addition to putting their nes above the sale. 6. Closing This stage of the cycle is the great moment Gambling Number Data of negotiation: the time for the salesperson to win over the customer and close the sale . However, although it is decisive, there is no point in reaching this stage if any of the others are not well plann and implement. Here again, we emphasize the attention to developing a good relationship with the customer in the previous stages.

Closing This stage

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If the leads were well qualifi, the follow-up was well conduct and, of course, the negotiation occurr as plann, closing should not be a problem. 7. After-sales Did you think the sales cycle would end with closing? In fact, quite the opposite. The after-sales strategy is essential to retain existing customers. After all, customer retention has proven to be much more valuable and profitable than acquiring new customers. Among the many Mexico WhatsApp Number List advantages of after-sales, the following stand out: strengthens the relationship between customer and company; improves the customer experience; generates more trust and customer loyalty; increases the chances of getting referrals from customers.


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