Amazon’s Automatic Seller Penalties and How They Affect You

Automatic Seller Penalties I got an unpleasant surprise when just the day before returning from vacation I searched for the scale on Amazon and realized that it is no longer on the first page. It is currently selling thanks to this visibility on average one a day. amazon penaltyPhoto rights to Fotolia I keep looking at the second, third, fourth and fifth.

Why Amazon penalized us by making our Automatic Seller Penalties

Automatic Seller Penalties Why Amazon penalized us by making our product disappear industry email list from searches When you receive negative seller feedback you can see the reasons why you received it. In our case it was even an automated one that is executed without the intervention of Amazon staff. What happened? We had canceled a customer’s order. Curious isn’t it? A couple of days ago a customer asked us to cancel a duplicate order for our suitcase scale.

How does a low rating affect you as a seller They Affect You

How does a low rating affect you as a seller? Our product had Phone Number VI temporarily disappeared from search results. After a few hours it returned, even rising from fifth to second position under the keyword “suitcase scale”. I’m not sure if this is cause and effect. If you receive a penalty, Amazon may remove your product to see if you react and then include it again.

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