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An product taking on difficult assignments and yes, daring to go crazy, is something you can learn very well. ,. Identify your growth opportunities and compare yourself with yourself! Your self-image is the basis of your self-esteem and determines to a large extent how you think, feel and what you do. Ideas that you have learne from childhood and that guide your beliefs and behavior for example, you can see yourself as caring, decisive or helpful. But also modest, calm and expectant. These kinds of beliefs determine what you do and dont do and thus have an influence on your successes and self-esteem. 

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Try to identify what thoughts or assumptions underlie your behavior and try stoically to change them. At first it will feel awkward but soon you will start to reap the benefits. A personal photo editor example. I am a freelancer and have valuable skills. I operate in a hugely growing market where the services are in high demand. Reason enough to keep my hourly rate high, or maybe even increase it a bit. However, during my business negotiations I am plague by a voice in my head that says that I cannot take the risk of being seen as expensive. This can lead to many ehhs and unsolicite substantiation towards.

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The customer an that while  would advise everyone. Else to rank yourself highly and to focus primarily on the quality you deliver. Realizing that I had a significant growth opportunity here, I stoically practice negotiating and confidently naming my hourly rate. Pretty uncomfortable at first, but the discomfort was gone in no time! After Phone Number VI you get starte, its time to start comparing yourself. How have you been doing since you starte posting regularly on LinkeIn that you always dreade? Or have you starte networking? Have you increase your hourly rate? Most likely you are proud and feel inspire to continue working with confidence.

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