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like this, it is certainly challenging for him to simply tell students to learn this and that.intake. They need inspiration. For this reason, he wants to foster student enthusiasm by starting from himself.in the Back-End Application Fundamental Learning class simultaneously.  groups (online) with Lintasarta Digischool 2021 participants. The guidance in question can be via WA Group, Skype Back-End Applicationwas prepared by a team of Dicoding experts together with industry practitioners and validated by a team from AWS (Amazon Web Services)? Currently, AWS provides Indonesian language classes in the field of Back-End Developer and is provided for FREE through the Cloud and Back-End Developer Scholarship Program . The scholarship is public, unconditional, aWhat is that, how? Certification . Even though he already works as a lecturer, he is still actively pursuing certification in the programming field. 

Android Applications class

 At the end of the program, 96% of them received a Dicoding Academy certificate. Wow! When students earn a Dicoding certificate, it means their abilities have been recognized as per industry standards. Because of this, in the Programming for Mobile Devices 1 course, he and his fellow lecturers created a policy where several assignments that were related to the Dicoding material ws number list could be skipped or not completed by Android Beginner graduate students. This policy makes students very happy. It doesn’t stop there. Students who have passed the Android Beginner class are then re-motivated to take classes at a higher level. 

Reflecting on this success and

His time between coding, campus and family, he managed to achieve all of these competency certificates. In 2018 he became one of the best participants in the Google Developer Chase Program. This led to him being invited to attend the Google for Indonesia event in Jakarta. He also managed to achieve international certification Phone Number VI from Google, namely Associate Android Developer, which is known to be difficult and prestigious. modern lecturer Mr. Indra when attending G4ID, Google’s annual event. Starting from the certification and his impressive experience studying Dicoding, what concrete steps did Mr. Indra take to develop students’ self-development? Let’s take a look. Applying the Principles of Independent Learning in Study Programs Indra, a modern lecturer. In fact, he always motivates students so that they study Dicoding.

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