Apply the FAR concept to go far on Amazon and find the perfect product

Apply the FAR At the time I already presented in a post our two ways to detect a star product . To a large extent you will already see the points reflected in the previous entry but this time I expand it and give it a basic structure with the new data obtained from recent weeks.Those who want to go far with this type of business should apply the FAR concept.

Attractive margin and moderate investment Apply the FAR

Apply the FAR Attractive margin and moderate investment I wouldn’t invest top industry data more than 10-20 dollars for a product. If you make an exception, the rest of the data has to be exceptional. The ideal is to invest in a product for less than $5 . The reason behind is very simple. You are going to have to give away some products to receive the first reviews. This is part of your initial investment so it is better to have a lower cost at the beginning. Therefore, with most products you will not have more than 5 euros of margin on Amazon . 

Existing market – sufficient demand for the product concept to go far

Existing market – sufficient demand for the product Lastly you Phone Number VI need an existing market. You can’t wait weeks, months, or even years until the products your favorite tech blogs predict finally come into fashion. It is not necessary to sell with a well-known brand but you do need a generic demand for the product .

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