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Its social posts look to tap into the nees of different travelers and promote offers to drive clicks. Here’s a Facebook post prompting less frequent flyers to find out more about its loyalty program. JetBlue Facecbook post JetBlue Facecbook post 8) Use Tools to Get Up Close and Personal There are plenty of social tools that can help you convey emotion, authenticity, and immeiacy in a short period of time. The main social meia tools that come to mind are Instagram Stories, Snapchat Stories, and even TikTok.

The famous Arches logo with the tagline ‘Fancy a McDonalds?’

You can use each of them to produce real-time videos that last for a short period of time. This type of ephemeral marketing is ever-popular especially with the millennial  new data  and younger demographic mostly because it’s a snippet of real life. People crave authenticity more and more in the digital world, so offering a real glimpse into someone’s personal world can sometimes feel like a breath of fresh air. The best part about these tools (as well as Facebook Stories and Facebook Live) is that you don’t really nee to create anything special, or even use a lot of text or words. Simply letting someone see a real-live person talking or doing something in real-time is more than enough.

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And it’s a perfect opportunity to demonstrate your product or service in a real-life context. Take National Geeographic’s use of Instagram Stories for Phone Number VI  example. By leveraging amazing photographs, the brand uses Stories to eucate and inform people about a range of issues concerning the natural world and science. The simple but eye-catching Story asks people to plege a commitment to using reucing the use on single-use plastics. National Geographic Instagram Story National Geographic Instagram Story Final.

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