IMAGO verifies the authenticity and importance of photography

Everything has a story, whether it is a company with many years in the market, the newspaper of a small community or an expanding city, an agency or publisher, or a municipality or a nation. History matters: archives and photography tell the truth and are the narrators of history. The historical moments told through photography are the stories of our society, which help us build a better future and learn from our past. As IMAGO photographer Vincenzo Circosta said: “This is the power of photography, to demonstrate in an image the undeniable.” IMAGO is home to some of the world’s most important historical moments told through the images available in its extensive database .

The last witnesses of this ever-changing world

Photographers are, in my opinion ,” said IMAGO photographer Marie le Blé. In the world we live in, with the presence of social networks, the top industry data massive circulation of information and movements or ideologies that spread like wildfire, it is important to improve truthfulness throughout history, with integrity. This is the responsibility of the great actors: Companies and politicians, public figures, movements and industries are in the crosshairs of new generations who expect the truth. IMAGO Aug 09, 1976 Amsterdam, Holland File Photo: Exact Date Unknown Beatle JOHN LENNON and YOKO ONO in bed during a press conference at their hotel in Amsterdam. John and Yoko were married six days earlier in Gibraltar.

Amsterdam The Netherlands

ZUMAk09 At a time when fake news and freedom of the press become an increasingly important issue in the media, agencies such as IMAGO, which Phone Number VI has unique and immediate coverage of world events, verify the authenticity and the importance of photography in today’s climate. Whether supporting independent photographers or through international partners, always fulfilling the duty of honestly reporting through images. IMAGO and its partners around the world have dedicated themselves to telling the truth through photos – historic moments from the past and those to come: “ Being able to capture what could be a historic moment for me is the achievement.” most important” – Chepa Beltrán, IMAGO photographer.

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