Start a YouTube Channel for Beginners

Uploading a video or posting a comment you will then be prompte to create a channel a form will automatically pre-populate with your google account details check these details and confirm to create your own youtube channel boom. There you are! It’s that easy. If you’re looking to set up a brand or company channel click here. How to upload a video to your youtube channel when you’ve create your youtube channel. You can start uploading videos for other people to enjoy and engage with. To upload a video to your youtube channel.

Follow these steps

Follow these steps: sign in to google go to your youtube channel click on ‘upload’ choose the video privacy settings select where new database you’d like to upload from and the video you’d like to upload set the basic information and the advance settings of your video click ‘done’ or ‘publish’ click ‘share’ to privately share your video how to manage videos on your youtube channel use ‘video manager’ to develop and manage your video content and make changes to existing uploade videos such as: enhance video quality eit audio change video descriptions how to use youtube studio youtube studio youtube studio there are a number of useful tools available in the youtubestudio to help you manage your video content:

Dashboard – for notifications and alerts

Dashboard – for notifications and alerts video manager – to help you organize your videos community – to review and respond Phone Number VI to comments channel – to adjust your channel’s settings analytics – to review your channel performance create – to create new videos from your library with your eitor how to customize your youtube channel you can customize and manage your youtube channel by clicking on your image and then selecting ‘my channel’ in the top right corner of the screen (see the screenshot below). Youtube my channel youtube my channel it’s really beneficial to set up and manage your youtube channel correctly. This ensures your content online will always be found and keeps your presence on the platform consistent.

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