Why create a podcast?

Focus on customer experience It has been some time since the market realiz that prioritizing offering a good experience to those who are already customers of a company and, therefore, strengthening branding is as or more important as convincing other people to buy from them. Customer perceptions throughout the purchasing journey , during Why create a podcast? contact with the brand and after-sales strongly affect the reputation of a business’s products and services.

This is why more than 60% of companies consult in a survey say they are concern about the customer experience . This concept of taking good care of those who are already consuming your business so that they keep coming back is the basis of strategies such as, for example, Flywheel Marketing .

Customer perceptions

This tactic aims for companies to have a continuous flow of orders and revenues bas on the impulse of those who are already customers BTC Number Data and can not only continue to be customers but also recommend your business to new potential customers, thanks to the enchantment generat during the experience with your company. brand. Thus, when the focus is on building a positive culture of customer service and efficient service provision (such as offering your own website that loads quickly ), a business’s marketing revolves on its own and boosts the results achiev with the help of loyalty and loyalty of those who are already customers.

Flywheel Marketing

BTC Number Data

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