Creates authority and a sense of specialization

Undertaking is betting. It means investing first to reap later. Using the How to increase sales by applying data science in digital marketing Creates authority and a sense of specialization correct methodology helps reduce risk and increases the chances of success.

To grow, it is necessary to initially invest in product, marketing and sales. Thus, the results appear and everything else needs to follow: service, production, logistics, finance and human resources.

The methodology we will cover is focused on marketing and sales.

Startups that emerged a few years ago and dominated the market used this formula. And they went even further: they stretched the investment return curve to the maximum, using third-party capital. Until at a certain point, with prior planning, they reached their break-even point and became profitable. In fact, some are still not profitable, as they are stretching the curve even further to be even bigger.

But they do not represent the majority of the market, which can bet a little and needs to reap afterwards, as it is not capitalized. Growing with data science is for everyone, this is the magic.

The cultural power of data science

It consists of reaching and engaging customers with digital marketing until they are receptive to purchasing, where they will Japan WhatsApp Number Data become a lead (contact) for the sales team. It requires a prior investment in marketing and it can take some time to create a sales machine.

This is the most traditional method, in which the sales team creates lists of target customers and meets them, whether by phone call, events, networking, contact on social networks such as LinkedIn or even an in-person visit.

The formula for growing at scale with metrics and data

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For example, in digital marketing you can use SEO (search engine optimization) for websites and blogs, sponsored campaigns in various Cambodia WhatsApp Number List media, influencers, etc. In inbound calls, contact on social networks, e-mail, visits, events of various types, physical stores, etc.

The important thing is to have a channel that works well. Depending on the type of business, the team’s skills and the company’s current situation, there will be more efficient channels. What works for your competitor won’t always work for you.

Discover your channels and strengthen them, avoid having several channels with low efficiency, as each one will require an effort from your team to keep them running.

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