Differences between Google DV360 and Google Ads

Previously, the purchase of digital advertising was carried out through negotiations that involved many intermediaries and bureaucratic procedures, something that has been replaced by this complex system that makes Differences between Internet campaigns. The use of this technology does not imply the replacement of human beings with machines, since there will always have to be a person controlling the technological framework, constituting the perfect symbiosis when carrying out Digital Marketing strategies. But, what parts make.

Differences between

The use of this technology top people data implies the knowledge of a series of terms that. I will briefly explain: The simplification of the process of buying and selling advertising inventory benefits both. Publishers make their inventory and formats available through Supply Side Platforms. While agencies and advertisers carry out the demand for advertising space through of Demand Side Platforms (DSP). From here, these two platforms are connected in the. Ad Exchange, which for our understanding is the market where the buying and selling of advertising occurs in real time. Advantages of Programmatic Advertising These are some of the advantages of Programmatic Advertising .

Transparency and control

 On the fly and more efficiently. Real- Phone Number VI time measurement. Programmatic advertising offers the ability to accurately measure the performance of creatives, campaigns or general targeting as soon as the campaign is launched.  As with traditional businesses, Programmatic. In the offline world, there are clients who enter the business naturally. Differences between when they see our window, which would translate into SEO traffic, while new clients would have to go out and look for them in cold door mode in the middle of the street, through SEM campaigns. 

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