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completely free. To be able to simply register and fill out the short registration form at aws.dicoding.com . After registering, you will definitely get cholarships for Indonesia from Amazon . Web Services Coffee Shop Analogy To make it easier to understand . The role of Back-End and Front-End, let’s make an analogy like a coffee . Shop business. Suppose you want to buy coffee at a coffee shop.  After arriving at the shop, the first thing you do is go to the cashier . And say “Hello, I would like to order coffee.” The cashier kindly shows you the list of coffees available to you. “I want a medium hot brewed coffee.” you say, then the cashier writes your order to be handed over to the barista and creates a bill for payment. While waiting for the coffee to be made, you sit in the available chair and enjoy the music playing through the speakers in the corner of the roof of the coffee shop.

After less than minutes of waiting

A waiter approaches your seat. Finally the coffee you ordered arrives! The waiter places the coffee along with the payment bill that you have to pay. Coffee Shop Analogy in distinguishing Front-End and Back-End From this scenario, can you find out which parts of the coffee shop are the front-end and back-end roles? If you’re still confused, let’s find out. Front-End plays a role in everything you can see, feel, and interact with, including your experience while in th ws data coffee shop. Examples include the layout of the interior, the ease of ordering coffee, the friendly nature of the cashier and waiter, even the music you enjoy while waiting for the coffee to arrive. Here the Front-End focuses on making sure it is easy, happy and comfortable for you when you are in the coffee shop. The same applies to application systems. Convenience, beauty, ease of access, and good application performance are the responsibilities.

What is Back-End and Back-End Developer

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of a Front-End Developer. So, So where does Back-End play? Because you are a consumer, of course the role of the Back-End is invisible and unknown to you. Examples include the barista’s technique for making coffee, what and how to operate the coffee machine, financial reports, shop rental costs, and other kitchen things that customers Phone Number VI don’t see. Of course you don’t know anything, right? The important thing is that the coffee you order arrives at your table. Even though it is not visible to consumers directly, the role of the Back-End is vital in supporting coffee shops to continue operating. In an application system, all matters that are not visible to the user such as business logic , database , data security, server stability are the responsibility of the Back-End Developer. So now you know what Back-End is and its role in an application.

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