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Buenos Aires. CIPPEC Foundation.In 1996, a peculiar anthology of short stories was publish. Alberto Fuguet and Sergio Gómez set out to gather the stories of some young Latin American writers whose writing reflect the disruptive spirit – which Fuguet and Gómez consciously and frontally assum – in the face of one of the most recognizable aspects of the Latin American boom . From the cover, the tone of this literary insubordination was already announc: McOndo was the striking title of the work. Clearly, it was an ironic nod that allud to Macondo, the mythical region creat by García Márquez and emblem of the so-call magical realism, in which a good part of the

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Stories of his narrative universe take place. On the other hand, with that suggestive expression the image of a multinational like mcdonald’s was summon, a sort of plastic icon of these new times of fast, frenetic and global consumption. Mcondo , thus, was – or intend to be – the expression that synthesiz the b2b email list direction that a novel way of narrating was following: that practic by a new batch of latin american narrators, whose stories were moving away from the molds of magical realism to give rise to scenarios in which cosmopolitanism, the practice of ways of life largely defin by pop

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Culture and viscerally assum by the youth of this part of the world, as well as new forms of communication miat by the phenomenon of digital technology, were intertwin with generous doses of postmodern individualism, impudence, crudeness, disenchantment Phone Number VI and the exaltation of a feverish – and often self-destructive – pace of life, all characteristics that were marking a trend within the latin american literary panorama that could already claim for itself the recognizable label of “postboom.

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