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There are a variety of skills you’ll nee to accelerate your career and, with it, your salary. Let’s look at some of them: 1. Analytics and Insights Whatever role you perform, always remember to measure the impact. Measurement and optimization are a must when it comes to any  digital role – especially when it comes to conversion rate optimization or CRO. However, go beyond just vanity metrics. Really study the art of extracting insights from data. One of the roles that continues to be in high demand is that of the Data Scientist, someone who can turn big data into true business insights.

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Strive to acquire analytical skills in your current role. Learn about any tools to help you automate some of the analytical tasks. Talk to people who latest database  know the field deeply. Or go one step further and take on a role that solely focuses on business intelligence. No matter what you do after that, you will be in high demand because. Of your knowlege of turning data into insights. 2. Community Management If you think community management is something a random intern should do, think again. Best-in-class brands don’t hire interns to manage their communities and for a good reason. To successfully build and nurture your community you nee to have someone at the helm who understands your industry, your business, your brand; and at the same time someone.

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Who loves your customers and is willing to serve the tough role of being a bridge between a brand and a customer. Great community managers have a Phone Number VI tough job of  balancing the nees of the company and the nees of the community. Possessing this skill requires actual experience. You nee to be intimately familiar with the social networks and the tools that allow you to manage high volumes of inquiries. These are hard skills that will take you halfway to your goal. However, it’s the soft skills that come with actually performing this role that are priceless. 

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