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Coca-Cola The Coca-Cola brand book is extremely comprehensive and detail. To define the brand’s identity , it considers its history, values, personality, target audience and market positioning. Additionally, this style guide contains Explore additional HubSpot features detail communication guidelines such as tone of voice, visual language, social mia strategies, and other guidance to ensure that the brand’s interaction with its customers is consistent and coherent .

Nike In addition to presenting the brand’s history, mission and vision , Nike’s brand book highlights the importance of sport, overcoming and personal empowerment. The company’s style guide is known for its emphasis on storytelling in its communication, which emphasizes the importance of a good narrative to generate identification among the target audience.

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Airbnb Airbnb’s brand book focuses on community, hospitality and user experience, in addition to applying the elements we saw earlier in this article to give the brand identity and personality . This brand manual highlights the importance of an inclusive approach, emphasizing the ne to value diversity and inclusion in all aspects of the India Mobile Number Data company’s visual identity and communications. 4. Apple Apple has a brand book built on simplicity, minimalism and innovation . It’s no surprise that this technology giant is one of the brands most remember by people in marketing research around the world.

Although, style guide is extremely consistent and has been carefully creat to ensure that the brand is easily recognizable and identifiable across all communication channels it uses to interact with its loyal customers .

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Attract more customers with a unique visual identity and authentic communication! In this article, you learn that, through a brand book, you ensure that your brand has consistency, alignment and coherence in communication and interaction Mexico WhatsApp Number List with employees, partners and real and potential customers. You also read that a brand manual depends on defining some essential elements, such as visual guidelines, mission and vision, persona, voice and tone of voice of the company.


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