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Informative, useful and relevant materials are produc in the form of deliverable and downloadable files by page visitors. Examples of rich materials are: planning templates, control spreadsheets, webinars, among others. In this way, the mental Explore B2B Content Marketing trigger of reciprocity is put into practice . The lead provides some contact information in exchange for access to rich material, enabling your business to contact them later to present your company and what it does in more detail.

7 rich material ideas for you to attract more leads 7 rich material ideas for you to attract more leads It doesn’t matter how well-known and famous a brand is.

Examples of rich materials

She will always have to seek out and interact with those who have been or are her clients or with those who have the potential to become a consumer. Rich materials facilitate this mission, especially when the company uses the right type to reach Japan Telegram Number Data new audiences and promote campaigns for new and existing products in order to create a ne in people or maintain the engagement of those who are already customers. Therefore, we creat a list of 7 types of rich materials for you to include in your marketing communication and generate, nurture and convert leads into customers.

When producing

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E-books If you want to position your business as an authority on a certain subject or area of ​​activity, electronic books (or e-books) are the right option. Through an e-book, your company can demonstrate and prove its expertise in what it Estonia Phone Number List does best. This way, you ucate and qualify leads while presenting your company and its products or services. When producing an e-book, pay attention to writing and iting the content so that it is interesting and generates reader engagement. Read also : What is it and How to Create an E-book? 9 Steps to Create Your Digital Book.


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