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They trust you and that you will help them in the best way possible. When you succeed in this, your community members won’t care even if 150 other competitors are doing a course on the same topic. Your community engages with you – and your course. 5. Why should the course be limited? I get countless questions about what information about the course should be given for free or in advance and what should be left in the paid course.  is: and paid content clear to yourself before you start making the course. clouds. dozens of websites, download free guides here and there, combine information, weed out irrelevant, old and incorrect information and finally find those golden grains among the chaff? You and I do, but your client probably doesn’t.

One absolutely important rule to remember

 To problems. course, because you’ve already built and digested the content of the course. Your customer only needs new data to come, do the course assignments and get results. Also read this: A precisely defined course makes people think: “WOW! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! Great!” But if the course covers too many topics and doesn’t help the dream client solve any specific problem, the course won’t resonate with the client.  put together quickly and the price has been slapped on. Who would want to pay for that? 6. Why should the dream customer be helped step by step? A step-by-step course means one thing: a functioning system and strategy.

The course feels like it has been

Consider for a moment a weight-loss person who participates in course B. The course has 10 different modules, from food and sleep to running and working out in the gym. But the modules are all messed up. In the first week, we train on the stairs. For the second week, we sleep better. In the third week, we learn to eat lunch. Sounds pretty confusing, right? But then this person finds course F, where all the content is structured to move forward easily and logically. First we learn to drink water and then to eat breakfast. Next, we will have a small workout and after that we will learn how to make lunch for work. This course Phone Number VI is much more pleasant to attend, isn’t it? 7. Why should you start with a short course? My first online course I did was 6 months long. Don’t make this mistake.

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