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Online stores will then be possible by implementing the idea of ​​eco-design and the concept. Which you can also read about on our blog – here. In this specialization, priority is given to projects in the field of sustainable industrial production. Sustainable consumption and projects supporting the development of circular. Economy in key European value chains. The concept of smart specialization of KIS includes sections such as eco-design for circular economy. Acquisition and use of renewable and non-renewable resources, processing and production. Use and consumption, and waste and sewage.

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Advance materials and nanotechnology Taking a closer look at the KIS smart specialization concept, the area covers advance engineering materials. Material process technologies and nanotechnology (ZMI). The most innovative application areas Photo Retouching of engineering materials (OAMI) were which include health, construction, energy, transport, household and personal hygiene, packaging, textiles, agriculture, electronic devices, machines and means of production. The sections of this KIS are ecological, biometric, bionic and biodegradable materials and nanomaterials, taking into account the environmental footprint, close loop.

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Waste minimization and cleaner technology and nanotechnology along with the rationalization of the use of polymeric materials, multifunctional and nanostructure materials with a radically increase KIS . Electronics and photonics. The most promising areas Phone Number VI of development under KIS are modern technologically advance electronic and photonic sensors for detection and analysis of EM and acoustic radiation emissions, use in production systems, agriculture, energy, transport and medicine, and other areas of life, as well as technologies, materials and devices for photovoltaics, fiber optic technologies, materials and devices, innovative sources of optical radiation.

Online stores will then be possible by implementing the idea of ​​eco-design and the concept. Which you can also read about on […]

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