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 I understand this, but in some contexts, some essential information may be missed. You might also like: 14 online course and sales platforms compared How long should sales texts be read? Personally, I typically do this by scrolling through the sales text from beginning to end and glancing at it. I look at pictures, subtitles and possible feedback. After that, I go back to the beginning and read the text in more detail. Sometimes the text on the sales page is painful to read. Then I state that this is not for me and leave the page. Sometimes the text absorbs me and I read it word for word from start to finish. (That’s how I did the example with the sales page, and that’s why I paid that weekly fee.) Now you know why even long sales texts should be read. Reading a long sales page and sales text is your safety.

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Why are those sales texts so damn long? Because there are four different types of us people.  Coaching Academy post, which you can read here . The four types of people are: emotional (makes decisions purely based on emotions) thinking-oriented (makes decisions latest database rationally) practice-oriented (makes decisions using logical reasoning) spirituality-oriented (bases decisions on past experiences). If the sales text only focuses on one type of person, the customer base can remain very narrow. That’s why there is a lot of text on the sales page, because it aims to serve several different types of people. Many times, people skip the other parts and search for the sections on the sales page that are important to them in terms of decision-making.

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Because of this, I was also denied the course.  sales page that will definitely bring in sales? Blatant abuse I think this is blatant abuse of the buyer. Yes, the sales text must be long, so that the potential customer gets all the information he needs before making a decision. Yes, it is the reader’s Phone Number VI responsibility to carefully read even the long sales text. Yes, if you make a purchase decision and something like this has been floated there, the responsibility lies with the buyer, not the seller. I still do not accept this in any form. When the buyer realizes that the fee is charged weekly, the coach’s credibility flies out the window. Trust is shattered and credibility melts away. After this, it is difficult for the buyer to start studying the actual coaching and get the desired results.

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