Give your business a voice with a podcast

Once the files have been upload to an aggregator, you can select the platforms through which your target audience can consume the audio Give your business a voice with a podcast content produc by your brand. Discover the 3 main platforms for listening to podcasts: 1. Spotify Spotify is among the main apps for consuming music and podcasts. For your business podcast to be part of the platform’s catalog, simply follow the rules defin by Spotify . It is worth noting that Spotify does not host podcasts. Therefore, you ne to use an aggregator (remember? the application or website that stores and transmits audio files ) and provide the RSS fe link so that your content is display on the streaming platform.

Spotify is among the main

Google Podcasts When your podcast is distribut by Google Podcasts, it can be found by the audience through different Google services , such as browser searches, the platform’s application for iOS and Android, Google Home devices, Google Assistant, among others. others. Like Spotify, Google Podcasts works as a directory and does not store Chinese Overseas Australia Number Data the podcasts, pointing to the RSS fes of the audio files (which must be post elsewhere or in an aggregator). 3. YouTube Podcasts can also be consum via YouTube (and yield Adsense values, depending on the number of views). To do this, simply upload the file as a video.

Google Home devices

Chinese Overseas Australia Number Data

You can insert a static image (such as the podcast logo), which will be display throughout the audio content broadcast in the player. Furthermore, another very popular podcast format on YouTube is the videocast . The idea is to record the podcast on video as well. Therefore, you ne to worry about a scenario and the visual presentation of the Japan WhatsApp Number List recording elements and participants. How to monetize a podcast? Companies and content creators have increasingly invest in the culture of charging to provide access to content that is of interest to the audience. This guarantees autonomy and a source of income for investment and continuity of content production.


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