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Over the last 10 years, Tupiniquim Digital Marketing Agency has help many companies implement each of these strategies to reach more consumers and increase the amount of sales made. Be part of this group of customers satisfi with the results achiev! Contact us and receive a diagnosis of the problems that digital marketing will solve for your Handover from Marketing to Sales company!Google was creat with the aim of organizing the enormous amount of data available on the internet and offering an easy and quick way for people to find what they are looking for.

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Since then, the search engine has become one of the main allies of students, professionals and users in general in the search for information . The search giant’s algorithm is capable of identifying the relevance and quality of information Brazil Phone Number Data available on the internet and classifying it according to its importance. This way, users can have access to the most relevant and useful data for their research.

This makes Google an indispensable tool not only for answering its users’ questions and curiosities, but also for companies to attract and convert customers to their products or services. Therefore, the Tupiniquim SEO Agency prepar this article to explain what they are and how to stand out among the organic searches made by Google users and, thus, increase your brand recognition among your target audience.

Google an indispensable tool

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In other words, these organic results depend on non-financial factors, such as the relevance attribut by the search engine algorithm to the content of the online page return as an answer to the searches of search engine users, mainly Google. Other criteria taken into account by search engine robots to display organic results to users are: external links receiv by the page, domain authority and compliance with other requirements through the implementation of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques . Therefore, results for organic searches on search engines are display in a ranking that does not include paid traffic ads , which are paid to be display at the top of search engine pages.


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