How to put your blog in mourning for LaVecinaRubia’s kitten

Sfh slkhafu cheing <- Flashback type sound in lost or like when an episode of an HBO series begins. We are (younger) on the couch (we’re going to have a hard time if we keep it up…) fooling around with our cell phones. She browsing I don’t know what Privalia campaign (and then she doesn’t buy anything) and I with Twitter (for a change). I’m starting to see ugly news: that there is corruption, that there is an attack, that Mireya is fired from Master Chef, that it turns out that Labrador is sentimental… my heart sinks. I’m in mourning (I think with all my grace) and I tell myself: one of these days I’m going to put my blog in mourning … when I have a good reason.

Those of us who have pets are with you…

To tell you the truth, when I discovered this little trick I thought of several situations that would justify its publication . I’ll put my blog in top industry data mourning when… Can’t you think of a lot? [piopialo vcboxed=»1″]Those of us who have pets are very sorry @lavecinaruba.[/piopialo] Come on, let’s see if it’s true. Get down to the comfort zone (it would have sounded terrible) comments and tell me what reasons come to mind. OK? I was putting it off until I read the words of LaVecinaRubia announcing the death of her kitten and, totally empathetic (but without crying, because we kids don’t cry, aug, aug), I looked at my kitten who was sleeping peacefully on the torn sofa (bitch daughter ) and I thought that would be reason enough.

How to put an entire Web in Grayscale?

So, how do you put a “mourning” website? Is it easy to do it? Well the truth is that yes, it is super easy. So much so that it would be enough to tell you “copy this code at the end of your CSS file and that’s it” . But, of course, you already know that I like to at least give some explanation, so I’ll tell you the concept: Setting up a mourning website means completely eliminating color or, in other words, putting all its elements in Phone Number VI grayscale . We could talk about removing the background, increasing the proportion of black, putting a little bow on it… Everyone mourns as they want . Mine is like that and that’s it. So just apply a grayscale CSS filter to the main container of every website: html . Thus, the code necessary for this would be:

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