How to work with Digital Marketing: tips to get started

The top of the funnel is the broadest part — the part that attracts new potential customers . After passing through the middle of the funnel (convincing), leads are filter and complete the purchase at the bottom of the funnel ! Persona The persona is a fictional representation of the ideal customer profile — bas on real data, but invent so that the company can think of the best ways to communicate with this type of individual within the target audience. The target audience gives a generaliz.

Identification of products or services

Bird’s eye view” of the audience involv with the brand, while the ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) uses more technical metrics to identify the type of consumer that will bring you the most ROI (I’ll talk about that in a moment!). Process Model for defining Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and Latest database Personas Leads Leads are what potential customers are call: people attract by the brand’s content on the Internet who decide to get involv with it! When a lead enters the sales funnel (usually enchant by.

Shall we analyze a practical example

To calculate CAC , make a free copy of our spreadsheet: CAC Calculator (Customer Acquisition Cost) ROI (Return on Investment) Return on Investment (or ROI) is another KPI us to measure the profit obtain in comparison to the money invest in an action or project. The higher the ROI, the better! Tip: Understand the relationship between ROI and Digital Marketing KPI (Key Phone Number VI Performance Indicator) Call KPIs , Key Performance Indicators are different values ​​us to analyze whether an action is being.

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