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I have cultivat a What percentage can we attribute? It is clear that the combination of this data creates different or even divergent rankings. So there are ratings and rankings that ostensibly exist to give us information and we should use this information to change our behavior. But if we don’t know what the important variables are, how could they be useful to us? Just because any reality can be easily measur with numbers does not mean that reality is necessary, important, or useful. “ Marketers learn a long time ago that people love rankings and daily specials.

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Increase sales is to put something in a little seo expate bd box on the menu and, when in doubt, categorize things. And sometimes people even make up rankings. Seth Godin American writer and entrepreneur We therefore pay attention to the classic ones that do not highlight the data us and how they are combin. Usually the ineffective and misleading ones are those that only expose the numerical data of the sample taken into consideration. But we now know that this quantitative data is insufficient to guide the public, even if it often manages to influence them.

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These rankings do not guide advertisers and Phone Number VI marketers in creative, strategic and communication choices. SHARES About the author Mariano Diotto Brand strategist, neuromarketing and neurobranding expert and founder of a master’s degree in Web Marketing & digital communication from the IUSVE university | Always present in the social world, I have cultivat a passion for communication by working on the radio as a speaker, writing children’s novels, teaching at university, as a brand strategist for companies and agencies, holding numerous conferences on the world of communication, advertising and web. PREVNEXT Leave a comment Comment First name* E-mail* Website.

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