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Typically, such individuals will congregate near obstacles, such as large stones or fallen trees, or near reverse currents. Rivers are a good place for fishing in winter, which is confirme by specialists from Corona Fishing – our opinions and those of customers visiting us agree on this. Some say that deeper places, where the water flows slower and the bottom is muddy, is also a good area for fishing. Corona Fishing reviews – fishing in lakes The lakes, up to five meters deep, are a good place for winter fishing. The water temperature is relatively even, which is conducive to fish.

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At the bottom, it usually reaches 4 degrees, which guarantees enough oxygen, and there is also plenty of animal food. Fish can fee around rotting plants, but keep in mind that the water cools down very quickly in these areas. In this case, it is best to Latest Mailing Database look for fish near bottom meadows. It is a good location to catch bream, roach or carp, and at dawn you can find large specimens of perch and pike. Shallow lakes are a bit more of a problem as the water temperature drops much faster and cools down evenly throughout the depth, which can make the fish lethargic.

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If the lake is not ice – and the oxygen level still allows free gas exchange – it is best to look for fish in coastal zones. What happens when ice appears on a lake? In time, everything will change, but in the initial phase – absolutely nothing. The Phone Number VI first few weeks do not generate any serious changes in the aquatic environment. Problems begin to appear after their expiry, because there is an oxygen deficit. Too long cutting off the water from oxygen in extreme cases causes the death of fish. That is why it is so important to drill holes in the ice sheet, which is beneficial for fish and provides them with a life-giving element. Ice is the fastest for organisms living in shallow lakes.

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