Instagram tips for the travel industry – grab travel industry Insta tips

The boom in Finland is at its hottest and tourists are flocking here to the north. How to get your own slice of this trend and tourists interested in your services? How could Instagram help the tourism marketer?

Traveling is my favorite hobby and I have already Phone Number VI traveled to six continents. Instagram is a visual search engine, where we go to get a feel and look for new experiences. Instar has been a uniquely convenient way for me to find the best places to stay, the most special places to eat, the most memorable shooting locations, and in general, it has served as a source of inspiration for explorers.

Tourism marketer – harness the power of Instagram and make sure you have these Instagram basics in your possession!


Update your bio, i.e. the introductory text of your Instagram profile

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In order to attract travelers to your location, always keep your contact information and location information up to date in the introduction section of your Instagram account. In addition to these, you should also find the website address and instructions on how to get to you in the bio. You can also update the latest Blog texts in your introductory text. After all, your account has a clear and descriptive name – and does it also work in other languages?

In addition to hashtags, tourists use Belgium Phone Number List location information to search for content that has been published about different destinations. By adding location information to your account, you enhance your findability. You can add your own location information by linking your Facebook and Instagram accounts together. Linking to your Facebook business account is especially worthwhile, because that way you can change your Insta account to a business account, and you can access analytics data and advertise your Insta content with Facebook’s advertising tool.

2. Define the visual look and create content accordingly
Use high-quality images on Instagram that suit your company and industry. Don’t overwork the photos, a certain jaggedness on Insta is even a plus! Your own photos work best, so avoid stock photos. Take care that the visual outfit of your own profile pictures is consistent both in Instagram photos, on Instagram Stories and on other social media channels. You should use the company’s brand colors as effects!

For example, try the free and convenient Later app for scheduling photos. With its help, you can do many Insta updates at the same time. This way you can also plan the future feed in such a way that the images harmonize well.

 Be present on Instagram

Instagram’s algorithm likes that the business account is active. Chat, like, write private messages and share content shared by other users – reward your fans and influencers by noticing them. However, remember to ask for permission before you regram, i.e. share others’ content on your own channels. It works best when, after receiving permission, you take a screenshot of the image you want and add it to your account – it’s polite to thank and tag the photographer’s Instagram account in the accompanying text!

You can also try different regramming applications, because there are many different applications for regramming in the app stores these days, both for Android and Ios phones. Some of the Instatiles mainly work only with other Instagram users’ photos, take a look at  visit Oulu’s Instate, for example.

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