Learn how to increase the visibility of your business’s

Generally, these mia can be segment by audience profile and keywords , allowing you to more precisely reach users who would be most interest in the brand. how to analyze digital marketing channels How to Analyze Your Digital Marketing Channels By now, you have already seen that there are different digital marketing channels and each one Learn how to increase the visibility of your business’s has its own particularities and specific characteristics . This is why it is so important to analyze each channel, even to know if the business is achieving results with the chosen channels. To do this, divide the analysis into 3 parts: top, middle and bottom of the funnel.

Next, see how to do it: Top of Funnel Analysis At this stage, it is important to understand which digital marketing channels generate new leads and their quality in each channel. To do this, two main metrics must be analyz: visitors and new leads. Through this information, it will be possible to understand how they access the company’s website for the first time.

Learn how to increase the visibility

Here are some questions that should be ask during the analysis: What channel generates the most leads? Which paid mia channel Saudi Arabia Telegram Number Data has the lowest cost per lead (CPL)? Mid-Funnel Analysis In this analysis, the objective is to understand which channels the company should invest in to generate more lead engagement , in order to increase qualification and the number of opportunities generat.

Which generates more opportunities?

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Leads, qualifi leads and opportunities are the metrics that must be analyz at this stage, which will allow you to discover which channel is responsible for generating more interest and engagement. The questions that should be ask for Philippine Phone Number List mid-funnel analysis are: What channel generates the most qualifi leads? Which one has the highest conversion rate (leads to qualifi leads and leads to opportunities)?Which channel has the shortest cycle between leads and opportunities? Bottom of Funnel Analysis Bottom-of -the -funnel analysis is especially useful for e-commerce sites or companies where the majority of the sales process takes place within their own website and in shorter cycles.


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