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Like in this example After all, if you know the job titles you want to target, you don’t ne this filter. You should use it in only one case: discover new job titles.Like in this example where I tell LinkIn: “Just give me decision makers in Sales” discover new job title with seniority level filter on sales navigator For this, I just enter “Sales” into the job title filter, and I add the highest seniority levels The function filter has the same problem as the seniority level filter. With Function, LinkIn tries to guess your Function with your job titles.

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This once again unprictable algorithmic decisions seo expate bd how function filter works on sales navigator Same as Seniority Filter, LinkIn will create one function for every current experience you have open on your profile. ceo classifi as ucation Don’t Use this filter at all if possible. If you really know your personas, you know what job titles they have, and you don’t ne this filter. Now lets the worst filter on Sales Navigator: The technology filters. . Don’t use Technology filter There is absolutely no information on LinkIn’s documentation about how they find technologies us by companies.

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Trust them on this. how to use technology Phone Number VI filter on sales navigator. I I use What’s Run h a reliable plugin to fin technologies us  a website. It doesn’t mention Webflow on the website to detect double checking technology. Filter sales navigator You want to target companies bas on which technology they us? It is much better to use services that. Have built especially for tht, like Wappalyzer  BuiltWith. You can see the process un details in the rd part of this video Export Sales Navigator leads for free.

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