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of a UML diagram in the ystem will be turned off when . The operator has confirmed programmers, UML is also very suitable for beginners. Who want to learn about modeling and simulation concepts. So by studying UML ( Unified Modeling Language ), it will clearly make it easier to create application programs and make it easier for users who will use the application. OK friends, that’s all I can say about what UML is. If you are studying UML modeling, there’s no harm in trying to learn programming at Dicoding , an online class that makes it easy for you to learn how to implement programming codes. It’s guaranteed to be fun. Finally, I would like to thank the readers. Hopefully it’s useful. Quotes for those of you who have the intention of learning anything, including learning UML modeling.

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To do (programming), you have to find a way. Not a reason. There is a lot of information. Just study.” What is UML? Along with Definition and Examples – by Rendi Juliarto , Intern Junior Content Writer at Dicoding In application system development, have you ever heard of the terms Front-End and Back-End ? This term feels familiar, especially if you are new to programming. In fact, Front-End and Back-End are field options in the Software Developer profession. You need to determine what to focus on. So what whatsapp data do these terms mean in application development? What is Back-End and Back-End Developer? To make it easier to understand Back-End, we first discuss Front-End. Front-End is the part of the application that is visible and used directly by the end-user .

People who work in this field

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Are called Front-End Developers. Applications created by a Front-End Developer can be web, mobile native, desktop, or other platforms. Wherever the application runs, the main focus of a Front-End Developer is to build applications that perform well, are easy to access, and have an attractive appearance. Meanwhile, the Back-End is the part of the application . That is responsible for providing needs that Phone Number VI are invisible to.  The user (not interacting directly with the user), such as how data is stored, processed and transacted securely. It all aims to support Front-End applications to work according to their function. A figure who works in this field is called a Back-End Developer . Did you know that this article was taken.

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