How to plan and make your first online course

 Do you want to know 11 tips for blogging and time management? 11 amazing bloggers shared their tips And that’s exactly why I collected their best tips for time management from 11 bloggers. How they blog, what tools they use and how their work has improved. Here are the tips they shared with me: Katja Kesti “My tip is to schedule and plan in advance what you intend to do at any given time (write a blog post or weekly newsletter, schedule social media posts, etc.). Mark this time directly on the calendar or on the to-do list. So it’s like an order of business. systematic, but not execution.

Doing becomes planned and

Thus, no area should be left behind. A bit like an exercise calendar, in which for each week and day, what kind of special data exercise should be done at any time, so that the work is reasonable and productive.” Minna Norine “My tip is the Pomodoro technique. One “Pomodoro” consists of, for example, a 25-minute work period and a 5-minute break. The Pomodoro application can be downloaded to a mobile phone and you can set the desired length for the work period and break.  period you really concentrate on work and you only go to Facebook during the break.

The idea is that during the work

I have a problem with snoring during the work day, but with this technique I can control myself. You can get a surprising amount done during the day if you remember to turn on Pomodoro on your cell phone in the morning.” Iona Lappalainen “Take advantage of the work done once in different channels. Shoot a video and share it on YouTube. Take the audio track Phone Number VI from the video and share it on iTunes as a podcast. Open the same video as text and make it a blog post that you share on Facebook. Take a relevant sentence from the text and turn it into a picture for Instagram and Pinterest. Also share the same sentence on Twitter. Edit the text a little and send it to the readers in the newsletter.

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