Mamiconcilia challenges companies to play Choose your own adventure

After years of activism for conciliation, collecting first-person testimonies that allow us to denounce the difficulties in conciliation and also inspire with good practices, both personal and organizational, #mamiconcilia has redesigned its website to offer individual support services, workshops and talks that facilitate mothers to find time, reconcile and reduce their feelings of guilt and stress so that they can offer their best version to the world. second section uses storytelling and gamification of the user experience to encourage organizations to support mothers at key moments in their lives such as maternity leave, returning from leave, and conciliation and stress management as working mother.

Mamiconcilia wants to create a sustainable society model

“The goal is to reach as many women as possible, so that motherhood does not become an obstacle in their lives and we can create a sustainable industry email list society model ,” says Usúe Madinaveitia , creator of the #mamiconcilia movement and coach specialized in conciliation and stress management through values. The business services section tells the story of María, an exemplary worker who, at the age of 35, announces her pregnancy to the company. It will be the user who, as in the “Choose your own adventure” books.

The ALL services for companies

Decides whether to dismiss María from her, ignore her or support her with personal coaching services, workshops and talks. In the first two options the Phone Number VI result will be a 404 error : “On this page you will not find services for companies that discriminate against mothers.” are aimed at both employees and influencers or clients of the brand. The offer for individuals involves subscribing to the #mamiconcilia community and doing a powerful exercise to get time . «In these years facilitating conciliation I have discovered that the lack of time for oneself is the brake that prevents us from achieving the rest of the objectives that we set as mothers, that is why it is my first challenge to start working with them, to get them to commit to dedicate time,” concludes Usúe Madinaveitia.

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