What is the meta description and how to optimize

What is the, The Meta Description is an HTML tag that we use as a short description of the content of a page. This description will be seen below the URL and page title. Within the snippet that a search engine displays in its results list. The content of this tag must be interesting and relevant to effectively capture users. Attention and stand out from the rest of the results in the Google SERP. The length of the ideal meta description for Google should not exceed 155 characters. since, if it does, the text will be cropped and will not be displayed in its entirety. reducing its effectiveness. But, it is not good that it has less than 120 characters, because our result loses size and visibility in the SERPs.

Tips for writing a compelling meta description

What is the, They are complementary elements and must be designed together. But, if we focus on their definitions, the title is responsible for very briefly presenting the theme of the page and the. Meta description is an explanatory complement that allows you to expand that email leads information even further. One of their main differences is the length, while a meta title must have an average of 40 to 60 characters (a maximum of 580 px). A meta description must have a length of 120 to 155 characters (a maximum of 920 px). px) . Both the title and the meta description are key factors in On Page SEO . Although the first is the most important of the two. Both jointly fulfill the function of attracting and convincing the user to click on our result. Working these two tags together can considerably.

Example of correct meta description

 You must take advantage of this small space to sell. The content of your website through an attractive message for users. Tips for writing a compelling meta description It is essential to use natural. Language and not repeatedly place keywords in the description Phone Number VI message. Otherwise, you could lower the CTR and in many cases you will lose the user’s attention. It is advisable to add a keyword. In the text so that search engines contribute to web positioning. In general, when referring to an optimized meta description. It complies with the elements of the AIDA method Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) . Examples of good and bad practices when writing the meta description. Example of correct meta description In the following description we can see that the phrase.

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