The Importance of Organizational Culture in Digital Transformation

The more defin the brand identity, the better its positioning in the market and in the memory of the target audience . 5. More integration When areas of the company speak the same language, despite their different routines, the brand gains a clear personality and facilitates employees’ understanding of what is acceptable and recommend in The Importance of Organizational Culture in Digital Transformation communication and what definitely does not represent the company’s values ​​and, therefore, it should not be pass on to the target audience.

The Importance of Organizational

4 essential elements to create a brand book for your brand 4 essential elements to create a brand book for your brand And there? Do you understand the importance of creating a brand book for your brand? So, let’s start step by step to give your company a unique personality and make your target audience recognize your brand from afar among its competitors.

See below the 4 essential elements for you to start structuring and creating your brand’s style guide: 1. Vision and mission The vision and Greece Phone Number Data mission must guide the decisions made within the company and help to guide the efforts of employees in pursuit of the brand’s objectives in the short, mium and long term. A brand’s vision represents where it wants to go . For example, opening branches in other states or even in other countries. The brand’s mission concerns the reason why it exists and the service it has for society and the market.

Culture in Digital Transformation

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For example, a digital marketing agency exists to help other companies increase their revenue through sales conversion techniques and Australia WhatsApp Number List customer prospecting on the internet. 2. Persona A persona is a semi-fictitious profile that represents the characteristics, problems and real nes of the audience that your brand wants to reach and convert into customers. Thus, the persona of a pet shop may be a person who has pets and who does not have time to, for example, bathe their animals at home. You can define more than one persona according to the number of solutions your business offers through its products or services.


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