Outbound Marketing Doesn’t Work Why?

Advertisements can be display before, during or at the end of a video post on the platform or in the YouTube homepage fe. It is also possible to segment the audience that will see the ads according to the viewers’ profile and what the advertising Outbound Marketing Doesn’t Work Why? company produces and aims for with the paid traffic campaign.

Find out more : Paid Traffic: What Is It and How Does It Work? 3 reasons to advertise your business on YouTube 3 reasons to advertise your business on YouTube The variety of topics cover by channels creat on YouTube is immense, ranging from cooking to makeup, news and digital marketing (as is the case with the Tupiniquim Channel ), among many others.

Paid Traffic

This makes the platform an extremely rich environment in segment profiles of potential consumers. Furthermore, ads serv on YouTube use data from Google (which owns the video site) to optimize the performance of advertising Kuwait Phone Number Data campaigns, showing them to the right people depending on the type of product or service offer. See 3 benefits generat by YouTube Ads bas on data taken from the Why Video study , carri out in February 2020 by Google in partnership with Talkshoppe, which analyz the habits of 2,000 people, between 18 and 64 years, who consume content publish on YouTube.

YouTube proves

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More sales According to the numbers from this survey carri out by Google itself with viewers of the video platform, users who saw an advertisement on YouTube are twice as likely to make a purchase. 2. More recognition Furthermore, YouTube proves to Switzerland WhatsApp Number List be a great channel for expanding brand awareness (or Brand Awareness ) among the target audience. This is because 70% of those interview in this study said they discover new brands through advertising insert in content post on the platform. 3. More searches Did you know that YouTube is also us as a search engine by its users? Research in conjunction with Talkshoppe reveal that YouTube viewers are four times more likely to use the platform to search for information about brands, products or services instead of other search engines.


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