How to create a personal Youtube channel

What equipment do you nee to start a youtube channel? You may be wondering how much it costs to start a youtube channel. That obviously depends on the type of videos you want to create. A lot of brands have big budgets to make amazing videos but that’s not possible for most small businesses or individuals. So. How can you start a channel with no money? A lot of youtube users rely on what they have to hand: a mobile phone to make great content. There are loads of great video creation tools you can use to put a video together. What do you nee to start a youtube channel?

This depends on what video masterpieces you want to create

This depends on what video masterpieces you want to create. But the basic equipment you’ll nee is: a camera – the one on your phone latest database could do the trick although if you’re going for quality and intend to use youtube as a revenue channel. Then it may be worth investing in a camera. Audio – many people overlook this in their video production but audio is an important element. The microphone on your phone may be fine but it could be worth getting a microphone to ensure you deliver quality videos. Location – think about where you want to shoot your videos. Your beroom or living room may be fine to start out. But perhaps you can get creative and see if there’s somewhere nearby that could work or an outdoor venue with character. Lighting – this doesn’t mean you nee top of the range lighting equipment.

 A sunny spot can work wonders

 A sunny spot can work wonders or holiday lights can help create a mood music – just as important as audio is music. Royalty-free music is the key here as you don’t want to upload a track that will cause you to break Phone Number VI laws. Check out 22 of the royalty-free best music sites to find one that works. Eiting software – there are lots of video eiting tools on the market and some of them are free. Do your research to see what would work for you. Stock images and footage – when you create a lot of videos you can run out of content or nee gaps fille. That’s where stock images and footage come in. Shutterstock is a good site for this along with canva (see our canva walkthrough here). How to start monetizing your youtube channel you will have probably heard stories of how much youtubers make.

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