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Exempt cookies , which are usually the basic cookies necessary to allow. Powerful widget communication between the website itself and the user’s browser. In this post I talk to you a little more in depth about cookies and how to detect them. 4. Contract conditions The Contract Conditions page is Phone Number VI mandatory for any website where a direct transaction or electronic contracting of services and/or products is carri out. You have more information here . Choose template: design an ‘Under construction’ or ‘Maintenance’ page with Elementor and choose it here. ‘Import/Export Kit’ tab If you have an Elementor website already configur at the templates, content and settings level.

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 Where you should place legal pages on your website Since legal pages must executive email list be publish on a website, but there is no rule about where they should be accessible, everyone places them in the footer of the website. It is a place where everyone, instinctively, so when someone wants to find the legal texts of your website , they will go to the footer for sure. legal texts in footer What dangers do you run for not complying with the law on your website?

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When you neglect the legal part of your website , you are putting your website in “Chernobyl” mode. It may or may not happen, but if it does, you can get into. Powerful widget a lot of trouble in the form of heavy fines. A website is much  some texts and photos. If your website generates profits or you intend to generate them, it must have sufficient legal protection to avoid sanctions and not ruin all your work. you can import those settings between different websites thanks to this option. Elementor-Tools Import Export Kit System information In this section there is a lot of technical information that Elementor could request from you if you have a problem that you cannot solve.

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