PrestaShop vs WooCommerce Which one should you choose

PrestaShop vs, If we talk about comparing PrestaShop vs WooCommerce. Therefore, we are doing so about two of the main. Options that you can choose today to set up an Online store for your business. Both platforms stand out, not only because they are among the best known and used. But because they are the ones that have evolved. The most. In recent years, they have added many features to improve the performance of the stores that use them. That is why any of them has many advantages to. Facilitate the task of launching your Online store on the Internet. We will look at each of them to help you decide.

But which of the two should I choose for my project?

PrestaShop vs, If you already have a domain name. And you are going to set up an Online store on your hosting.  Two of the content managers that you. Have to consider are WooCommerce And PrestaShop . PrestaShop is an open source content manager designed email database for creating online stores that has been in operation since 2007. On the other hand. WooCommerce free software whose. First version was released in 2011 is not a content manager as such. It is a plugin that we installed in WordPress to enable options. and functionalities for eCommerce in this CMS. Although PrestaShop was initially very successful, today. WooCommerce is by far the most used in the world. This is partly because it is included within WordPress. The CMS for websites that most users use right no

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Usability and ease of use at a general level

So, to help you even more answer that question and to make the right choice. Today we also have the help of Marta Mariño from Dinahosting ., She will reveal the pros and cons of the 2 platforms. so you can choose the., one that best fits your eCommerce. In this guide, discover in detail what factors and characteristics. You should take into account when choosing. The best option for your business. I’ll leave you with her. What are the main features and differences between WooCommerce and PrestaShop. Let’s see what each platform offers us from 6 different perspectives. 1st Usability and ease of use at a general level Using any of these platforms is very. Simple since both have a very intuitive administration panel. with tabs where you can insert data. And configure all your opti

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