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See what blog posts and articles have been written about the groups. The articles and blog posts tell you exactly which groups you want to join. And you avoid the groups you don’t belong in. So you save time and effort by doing this. 7 things you need to know before taking an online course For example, “The best facebook group kirparri” brought these results. If I were to do background research on Facebook flea markets, I would definitely read all these posts and articles. dream customer is most likely to spend time.  join groups intended for photographers. 3.

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How do you do a background check correctly? After you’ve joined a few active and useful Facebook groups, it’s time to do new database some background research. First, think about keywords related to the subject area and the online course idea. For example, if the topic is flea markets, search terms can be “why no one buys stuff”, “selling children’s clothes”, “best tips for selling” and so on. When you go to a Facebook group, on the left side of the page there is a box “Search in this group”. Add a search word to it and press enter. You will be presented with a list of discussion threads in which the topic you searched for is discussed. because now you get to see all the problems and challenges your dream client has. When you find questions that are asked time and time again, you have found a course idea. No time to do this research? What if you hired a virtual assistant to do the work for you? 17 elements Register statement and data protection 4. used? ” been used, I can’t make it a course myself…”

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 Yes, one day this may be possible. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do a course on the same topic. Juju is that you do the course with your own knowledge and passion. You’re not copying anyone else’s course content (you’re not but you’re helping your dream client learn and help him solve problems. Many entrepreneurs and coaches buy competitors’ products and think about their own products based on them. I don’t act like this myself. The reason is that I don’t want to take any risk of copying. I recommend the same to you. You have different Phone Number VI know-how than your competition. Your task is to gather around you a community that knows, knows and likes you.

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